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Small items
Muffin of the day3.50 ea
Bakers basket of assorted cakes and slices7.90 pp
Seasonal fruit platter5.00 pp
Specialty cheese platter w crackers, quince, dried fruit and varietal nuts6.00 pp
Zucchini puffs with yoghurt and dill dipping sauce*3.00 ea
Herb spice crumbed potato balls*3.00 ea
Spinach and feta filo rolls*3.00 ea
Sausage filo rolls*3.00 ea
Risotto balls*3.00 ea
Quichettes*3.00 ea
Frittatas*3.00 ea
Dip*5.00 pp

* Minimum of 6 pieces per order

Sandwiches or Wraps
Tandoori Chicken wrap with lettuce, tomato & raita9.00 ea
Chatterbox Club double smoked ham, roast turkey, swiss cheese & dijonnaise9.00 ea
Smoked Salmon with dill cream with capers, wild rocket & spanish onions9.00 ea
Rare Roast Beef with tomatoes, swiss cheese & onion jam9.00 ea
Italian Salami with pesto mayonnaise, swiss cheese & seasoned eggplant9.00 ea
Seasoned Roast Chicken with avocado, swiss cheese & mayonnaise9.00 ea
Tuna with lettuce, capsicum, spanish onions & dijonnaise9.00 ea
Egg with homemade mayonnaise, lettuce & semi dried tomatoes9.00 ea
Roast Pumpkin with lettuce, capsicum spread, fetta & onion jam9.00 ea
Chicken Schnitzel with lettuce, bacon, cheese & caeser aioli9.00 ea
Juices (2L)8.50 ea
Soft drinks3.80 ea
Sparking water3.80 ea
Still water2.50 ea
Total including GST $0.00
All prices in Australian Dollars